Thursday, April 26, 2007

Three-month Anniversary

It's been three short months since the vivacious Vivian Taber and I have been a couple, and those of you who know her best understand just how lucky I am. She's a special lady, even without the sticker, and the short time we've spent together has produced enough memories to knock Grizzabella off the Heaviside Layer:

  • Red arrows that I ignored.
  • A quick change of clothes at a yield sign.
  • Cold bags of Panera bread
  • Hot mugs of Swiss Miss.
  • Taco parties and snowballs that stick to the wall.
  • A very handy umbrella at Hummel park.
  • Losing contacts on the carpet.
  • Balboa on an icy rooftop.
  • Lindy Hop in a cow pasture.
  • Swinging on a lamppost in Dundee. Dancing on a snowy street.
  • Piggyback rides.
  • Shrimp alfredo. Meatloaf. A giant chef salad.
  • Cooking together. Dining by candlelight.
  • Running to meet her at the airport.
  • Tea and crumpets and hotcross buns, HP sauce and digestive biscuits.
  • Making the stars come out while cuddling in an open field.
  • The blue book I keep by my bedside.
  • The wonderful smell of peony.
  • An angel's voice singing God's praises at Terra Nova.
  • How a certain theme song will never sound the same again.
And do you know what's amazing? The best is yet to come. Happy Anniversary, Viv!


Viv said...

This is so Sweet!! Happy Anniversary! :-)

onionboy said...

i would just like to witness that viv & matt are made for each other!

lock up your valuables. :-)