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About the Cornstalker's Journal

The Cornstalker's Journal officially started shortly after I had my first date with Vivian, the woman who would later become my wife. She had a blog of her own, and for some reason I thought creating one would somehow impress her. It chronicles our entire relationship together, from the moment we "made it official" to our wedding and eventually to the birth of our daughter Hannah. Along the way, I chronicle fun with the Omaha Jitterbugs, long-distance friends belonging to Comic Genesis, and anything else fun that happens to me or my family here in Omaha. It's a purely personal blog, of interest only to people like my parents and immediate friends, and thus doesn't usually cover anything to do with my career. Speaking of which, I'm a freelance graphic designer. Check out my portfolio if you don't believe me.

Is there a reason anyone else would enjoy it? I don't know, and I don't particularly care, but if you like the voyeurism of peeking at my life through the thousands of pictures I've posted online, so be it. I will list a few key points before concluding this summary:
  • Many of my blog entries, dare I say most, have hyperlinks leading to additional photos to provide context and information to each post. Click on them! They are presented in a "lightbox" format so you won't actually leave the page.
  • I have a wife, Vivian, and a daughter, Hannah. They make several appearances in this blog. We also have a cockatiel named Flappy who Vivian has had since he was an egg back in 1991.
  • I live in the Omaha metro area and love it, so you'll see plenty of pictures of the fun stuff we get to do around here. I also love to travel, so you'll see loads of pictures of places I've been and the cities I've visited over years — St. Louis, Nashville, Las Vegas, and even London, England.
  • You'll see picture of me eating. A lot. And food. Lots of it. Omaha's a great place to eat, and we have plenty of friends who know how to cook very well, including my wife. I've gained several pounds because of this, and I'm not ashamed of it. I also have the irritating habit of taking pictures of anything interesting I eat. If you're into food porn, you'll appreciate this. If you don't, you have my pity.
  • I don't often write about work-related stuff here. It's a separate part of my life, and this blog is dedicate to all the fun I get to have when I'm off the clock.
That's it. Happy reading! If you want to post a comment, please do. It's the only way I know for sure anybody reads this thing.

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